Encircled in Love

In the Midst of Loss

By JoLyn Olsen Holladay

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This book is our family’s story of cancer, difficulty, and the death of a husband and father, but it’s not a book about loss; it’s a book about LOVE—the LOVE that encircled us from heaven and earth THROUGHOUT our trials. And, although this is our story, the things that you learn from it can become part of yours.

… If you want to strengthen your marriage and family, this book is for you.

… If you want to learn how to serve in small and simple ways that lighten the burdens of others, this book is for you.

… If you want to be braver, to reach, to grow, to stretch, this book is for you.

… If you want to have more joy in your life through increasing love and gratitude, this book will show you the power of this choice.

… Perhaps you are someone who has been affected by cancer, brain trauma, handicaps, or loss of a loved one. You may simply want to know that someone understands the pain and difficulty of it all; you need to have a voice. This book is for you.

… Most importantly, if you believe, or want to believe, or even question the existence of God and His Love, this book is for you. There is no way to tell our story without bearing testimony of it, His love, was always a part of it. I plead with you to BELIEVE so that you can open your heart to GIVE and RECEIVE more LOVE into your life.  You can be encircled in love, even in the midst of loss.

JoLyn Olsen Holladay

Available Now on Amazon

About the Author...

JoLyn Holladay lives in Northern Utah with her husband Keith Holladay and family.  She loves it when the whole family is together and she can takes pictures, enjoy them, and feed them!  It is her faith and her family that bring her the most meaning in life.

As a Mentor and Motivational Speaker, JoLyn’s goal is to help people raise their Hope, Happiness, & Positive Energy.  The most poignant way she does this (and her favorite), is to teach people how to achieve their dreams and goals.  She does this through private mentoring, Workshops, Motivational speaking, Blogging, and her website essentialanswers.me

A note from JoLyn:

"I wrote this book about our family's experience because I felt inspired to do so. It is a historical record and an expression of gratitude for those who helped us. But more than that, it is evidence that even in a difficult trial you can be "Encircled in Love," and you can be part of that encircling for others. I believe that Love is the strongest power in the universe. Add to that Gratitude, Faith, and Family, and there's nothing you can't get through and nothing you can't do!  I hope that by reading our story, you will come to know this too."

Available Now on Amazon

JoLyn would love to hear from you.  You may contact her at [email protected] at 716-427-3224, or her website essentialanswers.me